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Early 20th Century China: The 1930s

In the decades that followed, this aura of hopefulness gave way to despair. While the 1920s Shanghai Sketch magazines revel in the modern, displaying imported Western commodities like cars, clothing, and hairstyles, the covers of Manhua and Current Events from the 1930s portray a darker mood on the rise. This era saw escalating civil war, the Japanese invasion of 1937, mounting Western interests, and China’s inability to manage the increasing chaos. Writer and activist Lu Xun’s quote, “Lies that were written in ink can never cover up the truths that were written in blood,” encapsulates China’s struggles in the first decades of the twentieth century.

P1030149Shanghai Sketch #49
Mr. Society’s Authority
Ding Song 丁悚   (1891-1969)
P1030150Shanghai Sketch #107
Baby Austin
Ye Qianyu 叶浅予(1907-1995)
P1030151Shanghai Sketch #102
On the Streetcar
Zheng Guanghan 郑光汉(1909-1971)
P1030143Manhua #7 – 1950
Front Cover: Venomous Beauty
Zhang Wenyuan 张文元 (1910-1992)
P1030152Shanghai Sketch #104 [interior spread]
Images of the modern woman
P1030148Current Events Monthly
February 1934
Xinjiang Surrounded by Strong Neighbors


Manhua #7 – 1950
Back Cover: The True Face of America
Shen Roujian 沈柔坚 (1919-1998)