About Mixed Messages

What messages are conveyed through the visual form? How are these messages changed when linked to text? Mixed Messages: Twentieth Century Chinese Prints explores the multiple readings embedded in a single work. Pulling from a collection of prints recently donated to St. Olaf College, the selected works illuminate an era that transformed China as it moved from Confucianism through Communism to Consumerism. Traditional Chinese New Year’s prints, Communist propaganda posters, rare Chinese magazines, and unique fine art prints highlight issues of modernity, shifting gender roles, and China’s relationship to the West. This bilingual exhibition is co-curated by Professors Karil Kucera and Ka Wong in collaboration with the students of AS270 Visual Culture in Modern China and Professor Wong’s Foreign Language Across the Curriculum (FLAC) class.

Our thanks to Richard and Hongyuan Bodman for generously donating and loaning the prints and materials included in this exhibition.


For more information: 507-786-3556 or wp.stolaf.edu/flaten