2014 Near Delphi, Greece

Sacred Places in Greece and Turkey

This course will be offered again in January 2018.  At that time students will have access to a closed Moodle page with additional information about travel, readings, assignments, etc. This page provides general, public information about where we go and what we study.
Where we go

FLIGHT INFORMATION: Departing from MSP to Athens; returning from Istanbul to MSP. Specifics of flights TBD.  

Map showing our proposed route in 2018.

Itinerary: Detailed information about timing, lodging, and activities is still in development.  These will include a Plan B in case travel in Turkey is not possible.

NB: we travel with native speaking guides and are in frequent contact with both our professional operations agent and the St. Olaf IOS office.

What we do

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

. . . as we visit archaeological sites, museums, religious buildings, and contemporary cities:

  • We will be exploring the notion of sacred place, the idea that not all places are the same, learning from scholars of religion as well as from the wisdom of particular traditions.
  • We will consider what specific traditions and their adherents think about sacred places, including the ones we visit.
  • We will ask about what happens when places pass from one group to another.
  • We will pay attention to how photography influences what we see and experience.
  • We will notice the role of our senses as well as exercising our intellectual skills.
Getting in touch
  • International Studies Office: 507 786 3069
  • Educational Tours and Cruises (our agent in Greece) office: 210 89 51 725  or 210 96 57 441 
  • Professor’s cell number will be provided to students.
  • Students have received a hotel list that includes phone numbers.
  • Students are encouraged to be frugal about contacts with home in order that they may give maximum attention to where we are and to our common study.
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