L. DeAne Lagerquist
Harold H. Ditmanson Chair in Religion

She began studying the history of Christianity at California Lutheran College (B.A.), continued at Luther Seminary (M.A.), and earned the Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, Divinity School.  She joined the St. Olaf Religion department in 1988, after three years of teaching at Valparaiso University.  Her teaching includes general education courses required of all St. Olaf students as well as more specialized topics and off-campus programs.  Students in her courses often explore interactions of religion with various aspects of culture: for example, investigating the ways artists from around the world portray biblical stories, or how Indian Christians make use of Tamil folk music, or immigrant Lutherans’ adaptation to the American context.  She was among the designers of the American Conversations program.  Twice she has been lead teacher and many times team taught single courses in the sequence.  In 2007-08 she and her husband led the St. Olaf Global Semester program.  Much of her research has considered Lutheran topics, including women’s organizations, higher education, and St. Olaf’s own Lars W. Boe.  During her recent sabbatical her research focused on Gertrude Sovik (1907-92) and developments in 20th century Christianity. She served three terms as chair of the religion department and five years as Senior Tutor of St. Olaf’s Paracollege. Currently she is the Director for American Conversations.

Current teaching:

In 2017-18 I will teach

  • The Bible in Culture in Community (religion 121) once section in the spring
  • Jesus on the India Road (BTS-T) in the spring
  • Sacred Place in Greece and Turkey  (HWC) in the January interim
  • American Conversations (101 and 102) in the fall and spring
  • Religion and Immigration in the USA: this is a research-based course with emphasis on digital humanities

My usual teaching includes

  • the Bible in Culture and Community (most recently, Reading the Bible Around the World)
  • Lutheran Heritage
  • Jesus on the India Road
  • Sacred Places in Greece & Turkey
  • American Religion
  • American Conversations.

Selected Publications

  • In American the Men Milk the Cows: Factors of Religion, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Americanization of Norwegian American Lutheran Women, Chicago Studies in the History of American Religion (Carlson, 1991)
  • From Our Mothers’ Arms: A History of Women in American Lutheranism (Augsburg, 1987)
  • The Lutherans, Denominations in America (Praeger, 1999)
  • co-editor and contributor, Called to Serve: St. Olaf and the Vocation of a Church College (St. Olaf College, 1999)
  • co-editor and contributor, Claiming Our Callings (Oxford, 2014)
Students discussing their interpretations.

Contact Information
Office:  Old Main 230A
Office phone:     (507) 786-3175
Email: lagerqui@stolaf.edu

Office Hours
TBA for the fall semester, 2017
others by appointment or by chance