I have been an active jazz saxophonist, teacher, and composer in New York, Boston, and, more recently, in Northfield.  Over the past few of years, I have also been playing drums for The Counterfactuals, a rock band that features Daniel Groll (vocals, guitar) and Jason Decker (vocals, guitar) of the Carleton Philosophy Department, along with Andy Flory (bass).  We have a Bandcamp page where you can check out our albums and a public Facebook page where we post information about gigs, recordings, and other band news.

Below are a few tracks from an album of original music that I recorded with Mainframe, the group that I led in New York. The personnel is:

  • Mike Fuerstein (tenor saxophone)
  • Danny Fox (keyboard)
  • Diego Voglino (drums)
  • Ben Rubin (bass)
  • Mark Small (alto saxophone)


Primary Shapes and Formations
Solar Poem
Urban Phase VIII
Electronic Dream