Reading the Bible Around the World

(The Bible in Culture and Community)

This course is required for all first year St. Olaf  students.   It is taught in multiple sections in which each instructor defines the topic that focuses the specific section. In recent years my sections have paid attention to the three worlds of the Bible, namely the historical world from which it comes and that it portrays, the literary world it makes, and the multiple worlds of its readers. In particular we engage in conversation with readers in the “global south.”  And we give attention to visual responses to the texts.  In doing so we learn about and from the Bible, the people we read with, and ourselves.

In 2014 we considered various artists’ responses to the book of Job.

Ten biblical passages were the basis of student presentations that considered artists’ context and their response to the text.

The very beginnings of a larger project collecting images by various artists.

Reading the Bible with Artists around the World

Fall 2016

Not available for public viewing.

turning water into wine