During spring semester of 2022, 13 political science students enrolled in the “Immigration & Citizenship” seminar set out to research and develop tools and resources for the Nourishing Vocation Project at St Olaf College.

We offer information and ways of thinking about how church members can become better partners able to effectively support their immigrant neighbors.

We paid particular attention to the following questions:

  • What information do congregations need in order to both know who their immigrant neighbors are and understand how they can how they can get to know them?
  • What resources can be developed to help congregations get to know how their neighbors perceive and experience them?

Students created four research projects to deepen congregations’ understanding of their neighbors. While each stands alone, we recommend that you read them in the order listed below.

In our six-episode podcast, The Book of Fundamentals, we invite congregations to consider how best to navigate conversations with immigrant neighbors migrants.

Emma, A.D., and Jack in action
Tatev, Ellen, and Maureen smiling in front of Holland Hall.

Why it’s difficult to find data about immigrant communities in Minnesota

The previous resources offer a wider point of view – we focused on individual stories reported by journalists and bloggers.

Olivia, Raveena-Flor,and Selena
Fricka, Cali, and Pavel

Learn about specific resources available to immigrant youth in Minnesota