Peer Support Group

Support group for the 2023-2024 year is in a planning stage. If you are thinking of joining, email

The goal of this group is to provide a safe space for peers to support one another in their healing from sexual violence of any kind (sexual assault, rape, stalking, dating violence, etc.).  We feel that a part of healing comes from having a community that can empathize with and support you. We are not a therapeutic group though we encourage seeking therapy if you have not already done so.

Group Structure

We meet on a weekly basis on Sunday from 4-5. The group is co-led by SARN Advocates Caroline Peacore and Sifa Nizigiyimana. Each meeting begins with a check-in where group members can briefly share how they’re doing. If you don’t want to talk, you don’t have to! As a group, we will determine what topics we would like to discuss during our meeting. If there is no particular topic, the facilitators will provide a topic or activity. Every group ends with an activity or exercise to help close and transition back into your day. 

Discussions may include but are not limited to:

  • Sharing coping strategies others have found successful;
  • Problem solving concerns that group members are experiencing;
  • Affirming common experiences/feelings in the healing process.

Activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Making art and listening to music
  • Writing poetry or journaling
  • Reading book passages or poetry

Group Agreements

In order to create a safe space, we ask that all group members commit to the following:

  • Confidentiality. No information will be shared outside of group regarding who is in the group or any personal information shared.
  • Attendance. Members will make an effort to attend all sessions in order to foster community, and let us know if they will be unable to attend a session.
  • Thoughtfulness. To get the most out of group, members will be thoughtful about where they are on their journey and how the group time can best further their healing process.
  • Respect. Respectful of members’ experiences, responses, background, identity, and choices.

Informed Consent Form

To join the peer support group, we require all prospective members to have a 15 minute chat with one of the facilitators to discuss what to expect, review the informed consent form, and identify what you hope to gain from joining the group. Please print the form below and contact Caroline Peacore ( to schedule a time to chat!