SPANISH 274. JTERM 2021. “Narratives of Life in Contemporary Puerto Rico: a comparative outlook to and from the Caribbean and Latin America”

MWF 1255-0150PM

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Patrick McGrath


Oil and gold leaf on panel 30 x 36 inches. Private Collection.

Students analyze patterns of continuity and change in Latin America, with an emphasis on the Caribbean.Using readings from the press, social media, academic sources, and governmental as well as non-governmental documents, students read, discuss, and write about issues at an advanced level of linguistic and analytical sophistication. The course includes study of at least one substantive literary work. Possible themes include politics, race, class, gender and sexuality, protests, music,  religion, natural disasters,or crossing borders and the challenges of migration. Taught in Spanish. More details about this class are available in this video.


Crónicas del colapso: economía, política y sociedad de Puerto Rico en el siglo XXI de Emilio Pantojas García

Entre islas: Homenaje puertorriqueño a Juan Bosch (colección de ensayos)