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Yin Yang

Catalina Codreanu

Date unknown, lithograph on paper

Born in Romania, Catalina Codreanu is now based in Austria. Codreanu has been involved in many different forms of art activities, such as auctions, solo, publications in magazines, and collaboration with the Salzburg Theater. Codreanu’s work revolves around the concept of love. Whether motherly love, romantic love, or love for life, this sentiment is at the core of people’s lives. The concept behind her works is a reminder of love in nature and human society. In the middle of this composition, the artist placed a yin yang symbol, which represents the concept of dualism. Trees seem to grow outward from the Yin Yang, which indicates a sense of harmony between nature and the universe. In this work, Catalina peacefully conveys her idea that love is the balance of nature and human society.

Hongye Lyu ’21