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Shared Vision

Mayoreak Ashoona

1994, lithograph on paper

Gift of the Sharon K. Patten ’66 Estate

Shared Vision is the work of Inuit artist Mayureak Ashoona, who migrated to Kinngait, Canada, helping make this town the capital for Inuit art. Ashoona’s carvings are heavily influenced by the land and her culture. In this work, Inuit traditions and inspiration from the landscape are interwoven throughout as animals and faces are seen depicted in the design. Ashoona’s cultural ties are prominent in this work as it looks at Inuit traditions and the shared identity they represent. This mono-color piece creates a balanced and symmetrical design, featuring animals native to her area, such as the arctic loon. The faces and abstract nature of the piece leaves much to interpret, as the animals and people are interwoven into one.

Melinde Madsen ’21