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Gulls and Ravens

Kenojuak Ashevak

2001, lithograph on paper

Gift of the Sharon K. Patten ’66 Estate

Kenojuak Ashevak was an extremely influential Canadian artist, born in the Inuit camp of Ikirasaq. Ashevak’s grandmother taught her how to make traditional crafts. She also began drawing and carving when she was in her twenties. In the late 1960s, Ashevak’s prints rose to fame and she became one of the most well-known Inuit artists in the world. Much of Ashevak’s work features owls. However, some of her other motifs include fish, ravens, and abstracted animal forms. Gulls and Ravens is a lithograph featuring these animals, which have been abstracted into colorful, overlapping forms. This lithograph incorporates a wide range of colors, and there is a strong sense of contrast between the black bird forms and the lighter colors in the background.

Amanda Rose ’21