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Hongye Lyu

My name is Hongye Lyu, which means iridescent in Chinese. As a double major in art history and quantitative economics, my interests have always gravitated towards artistic and curatorial methods. The thought-provoking contents within these disciplines and the experiences they foster inspire me. They enable me to focus on different cultures, opinions, and perspectives. Moreover, my unique cultural background directs me specifically to Asian arts and cultures.

My deep interests in art history and economics allow me to engage with other fields, like museum studies, administration, etc. As an old Chinese saying mentions, history is like a mirror through which people see vicissitudes in history. The museum is a pleasant place to connect with historical eras and learn from them. The relics are silent, but they are fragments that make up the glorious culture and history of humankind. I always have enjoyed visiting museums and have not been able to live without them. It is extremely amazing to spend my free time visiting various museums around the world, photographing the relics, and collecting the history and stories behind them.