Developing Digital Storytelling for Teaching & Research

St. Olaf College - September 17, 2016

From documentary films to video diaries to electronic essays, there are a wealth of inventive and interactive ways to incorporate digital developing-digital-storytelling-workshop-9-17-2016storytelling into the classroom. Digital storytelling at its core is the use of computer-based tools and digital platforms to tell stories. Whether faculty would like to create pedagogical materials, conduct research, or construct student assignments, digital storytelling can be an exciting feature that not only enhances the appeal and reach of the projects but also engages students with diverse learning styles and backgrounds. This workshop aims to offer faculty an opportunity to learn, share, and discuss how digital storytelling can be developed into a part of one’s own active teaching and research agenda.


Goals of the Workshop

  • Share experiences among community members who have experienced or are interested in exploring digital storytelling in teaching and research.
  • Discuss the various aspects and considerations of digital storytelling in a pedagogical context, such as conception, execution, practical implications, and student experiences, through a case study of Ka Wong’s Asians in the Midwest research project and related curricular materials.
  • Learn about the resources available to support digital storytelling in one’s research and assignments.
  • Workshop with other faculty, and with the help of professional staff from IT and the library, one’s own digital storytelling project, including idea formation, project scoping, advice on project scaffolding, and/or help with issues in any stage of the projects.

Presentation from DS Workshop

Creating Digital Projects