Click “Get Help Now” to learn immediate options if you’ve been sexually assaulted.

SARN is a CONFIDENTIAL source on campus. Our principal concern is making sure that survivors of sexual, relationship and emotional violence find their needs and concerns met with compassion and competence at St. Olaf College.

The Sexual Assault Resource Network, SARN, takes a stand against sexual assault and relationship violence on the St. Olaf campus through supporting survivors and their friends, raising awareness in the college community and promoting healthy relationships.

SARN was created in 1987 after a need was identified for a confidential student-run group to assist survivors of sexual assault. The first year of advocacy began in 1988. The founding members, initially consisting of two staff members and several students, created SARN as a resource for education and advocacy on St. Olaf Campus. SARN advocates are a group of caring and committed individuals, who are certified by the state to support survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence.