Solveig ZempelSolveig Zempel
Professor of Norwegian Emerita
Boldt Distinguished Teaching Chair in the Humanities (2009-2012)
St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN 55057

e-mail: zempel@stolaf.edu

Some Study Abroad Programs in Norway

Some Other Interesting Sites

  • Norway 2005:  A Voice of Our Own
    In 2005 Norway celebrated 100 years since the peaceful dissolution of the union with Sweden.  St. Olaf College marked this important event in a number of ways, including events on campus, adult study tours to Norway, and tours by the band, choir, and orchestra. Together with the Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA), St. Olaf honored our ties with contemporary Norway with a conference, Norway and the US 1905-2005:  A Friendship and its Future.
  • Peace Prize Forum Seminar, Derry Ireland, June 1999 (Click here to see photos)
  • Association for Computing in the Humanities ( ACH )
  • Immigration and Ethnic History Society ( IEHS )
  • Norwegian American Historical Association ( NAHA ) Board of Directors
  • Norwegian Teachers and Researchers Association of North America (NorTANA)
  • Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study  SASS
  • Ibsen Society of America ( ISA )
  • Cleng Peerson Institute, Clifton, Texas (CPI)
  • Nordmanns-Forbundet (Norwegians World Wide) Board of Directors to 2012
  • Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs ( HECUA ) Board of Directors
  • Consultant on award-winning film, Letters from American: The Life and Times of O.E. Rolvaag by Tim Schwab and Christina Craton, Unity Productions.  This film may be ordered from New Day Films.
  • American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) to 2012

Last time Teaching Schedule-2011-2012

Fall semester
Norwegian 282: Ibsen
Norwegian 371: Norsk litteratur fra Sagatiden til 1890

No class for me in January of 2012

Spring Semester
IS 218: Chronicles of the American Immigrant Experience
Norwegian 372: Norsk litteratur fra 1890 til i dag

In my spare time, my husband and I (and occasionally our grown children) greatly enjoy our cabin in the north woods of Minnesota, on Lake 252.  In all seasons, we enjoy the quietness of the woods, the beauty of the small lake, berry picking, observing wildlife, and visiting with friends and relatives who have cabins nearby.

In August of 2013 I will be participating in the 140th reunion of descendents of the wagon train, commemorating a group of mostly Norwegian and a few Irish immigrant pioneers who moved from Fillmore County in Minnesota (and some from Iowa) to Dakota Territory (now Minnehaha County, South Dakota) in 1873, where they established homesteads.  Information on the reunion can be found on the reunion Facebook page by searching for 140th Wagon Train Reunion.

When I need a small gift, I go to the following source: zedart

Sabbatical Leave 2008-09:

During my sabbatical I spent much of my time on campus in my library carrel, carrying out research on second language acquisition and creating a program of directed individual language and culture instruction. I also participated in several conferences and events. The results of my study have been passed on to the Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary and General Studies for further consideration. During July, I participated in a National Endowment for the Humanities Institute in Washington DC, on American Immigration Revisited. This Institute helped prepare me for my three-year term as holder of the Boldt Distinguished Teaching Chair in the Humanities (2009-2012) in which I  focused on humanities aspects of issues related to immigration.

Sabbatical Leave 2001-2002

During my sabbatical leave I spent most of my time on campus in my library carrel, some time working at home or at my cabin, and took two brief trips to Norway. My primary project was translating and interpreting the diaries of Ellen Kravik Lokensgard and Ole Lokensgard (or Løkensgaard). These diaries were written in the 1870s and 1880s from the time Ellen was a student at Monona Academy in Madison, Wisconsin, through her marriage to Pastor Ole Lokensgard and their life together near Granite Falls, Minnesota, where he served several churches.  I have completed a translation of all 16 diaries, and am working to find a publisher.

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