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Taking on the World, One City at a Time

As we take on the Grand Tour, we will experience first-hand some of the sites, artifacts, and works of art encountered in the Great Conversation program and reflect on the ways in which the program, like the Grand Tour itself, delineates cultural borders as well as disrupts them. ​We will begin in London with a day trip to Oxford, followed by spending four nights in “revolutionary” Paris with a day trip to Chartres Cathedral. We will then fly to Cicero’s and Michelangelo’s Rome where we will spend seven nights, including a visit to the ruins of St. Augustine’s Ostia. Then, we will travel to Assisi for one night before finally arriving in Dante’s and Machiavelli’s Florence for six nights.

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Day 28 (1/29) – GOODBYE EUROPE!

Day 28 (1/29) – GOODBYE EUROPE!

As joyful as this month has been, it was wonderful to go back home and to teach parents or friends the insights Europe taught us. We might not live the lavish lives of the past Grand Tourist, who brought luxurious items or portraits back home, but we definitely...

Day 27 (1/28) – Florence Goodbye

We wrapped up the Grand Tour by each student exploring as they pleased. Some students visited the Laurentian library, some hiked to a random and beautiful monastery, and others visited the Anglican cemetery. We ended the day by packing for tomorrow’s early...

Day 26 (1/27) – Florence’s Rise in Science

Day 26 (1/27) – Florence’s Rise in Science

On this day, we continued exploring the Grand Tour as Education by visiting the Galileo Museum. This museum was unique compared to previous ones as it focused on the sciences by setting up the astrological signs pertaining to each month in front of the museum. Then,...




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