April 4 – 8, 2016

Monday, April 4

MSCS Colloquium: “Comparing Songs without Listening: From MSCS to Music and Back Again”
Katherine Kinnaird, from Macalester College
Music is deeply entrenched in our daily lives, from playing as we work and study to enhancing our favorite television shows. The multidisciplinary field of Music Information Retrieval (MIR) is motivated by the comparisons that we, as humans, make about music and the various contexts of these comparisons. By defining tasks such as building better song recommendation systems or finding structural information in a given recording, MIR seeks to algorithmically make these musical comparisons in the same way a single human being would, but on a much larger scale. In this talk, we will 1) introduce the field of MIR, including popular tasks and cutting edge techniques, 2) present our method for comparing songs, and 3) discuss further applications of this method beyond MIR tasks.
3:30pm, RNS 310

Seminar: Distinction Poster Session
Come hear and see the candidates for distinction in Biology today at 4:00 PM in the 4th floor atrium.

Tuesday, April 5

No Seminar

Wednesday, April 6

MSCS Recital:
The recital is an annual recognition of the talent, of all types, of the members of the MSCS community.  Faculty and students will perform, together and separately, for a couple of hours in the evening.  Anyone associated with MSCS is welcome to participate, as a performer or an observer.  This is a fun, relaxed gathering of students and faculty on equal footing.  There will be food and drink, but this event features homemade food offerings. .  If you are interested in performing, please contact Steve McKelvey mckelvey@stolaf.edu).
7:00pm, Ytterboe Lounge

Thursday, April 7

No Seminar

Friday, April 8

No Seminar