November 16 – 20, 2015

Monday, Nov. 16

Chemistry Seminar – Second Candidate
RNS 390, 3:00 pm refreshment, 3:15 seminar will begin

Seminar: OPEN TO ALL MAJORS, Environmental Studies Seminar – “Protein Production for a Starving Planet: Low Resource Fish Farming in Haiti
Bill Mebane, Director of Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative at Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA
7:00 PM Viking Theater

ES1116 Mebane lecture St Olaf 2.0-1

Tuesday, Nov. 17

No Seminar

Wednesday, Nov. 18

No Seminars

Thursday, Nov. 19

No Seminars

Friday, Nov. 20

MSCS Research Seminar: Computational Characterization of Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity in Cancer
Layla Oesper, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Carleton College
Cancer is a disease resulting from somatic mutations – those that occur during the individual’s lifetime – and cause the uncontrolled growth of a collection of cells into a tumor.  As we enter the era of personalized medicine, where a patient’s treatment may be tailored to their specific genomic architecture, accurate identification of the set of mutations within each patient’s genome is increasingly important. Despite numerous recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies, many challenges still exist for measuring and interpreting genomic mutations — especially for cancer genomes.  For example, tumors often exhibit intra-tumor heterogeneity where individual cells in a single tumor contain different complements of mutations.  In this talk, I will describe several algorithms that infer the composition of heterogeneous tumors, including one algorithm that reconstructs the evolutionary history of the tumor.
3:30pm RNS 204