Recent News

Cow Birth

The Pre-Vet Club went to go visit Wolf Creek Dairy Farm to learn about cows and how to take care of them! Not only was it a great way to get off campus, but they all witnessed a live cow birth too! What a day!

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Betta Fish Sale

Congratulations the Pre-Vet Club! Our annual Betta fish sale was a success! A big shout out to Aquatic Pets and more for providing the fish for us.  All of the fish were sold and a bunch of St. Olaf students went back to the dorms with brand new friends.  Make sure you change your Betta’s water every 3-4 days and to let the water sit out for at least 12 hours! Also, don’t forget the fish need 3 food pellet’s a day!

12279182_10154408291858986_9045694860886617114_n Photo on 11-29-15 at 8.42 PM #312191922_10154366155628986_7714128790896741498_n 12243453_10154408291853986_5685461968128096684_n

Owl Banding

The St. Olaf Pre-Vet Club made a trip to the Weaver Dunes field station, where we netted and banded saw-whet owls!


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