Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society

Tri-Beta is a Biology Honor Society open to active biology majors with a minimum biology GPA of 3.3 and completion of 3 biology classes. The St. Olaf chapter provides opportunities for Biology students to interact with each other, as well as Biology faculty. Activities include research poster presentations, field trips to science exhibits, volunteering around the natural lands, and casual dinners with professors. Tri-Beta also awards a yearly scholarship for members to help fund research. Applications to become a member of the honor society are accepted in the spring.

Membership Requirements:

  1. Minimum GPA of 3.3 within the biology major
  2. Minimum of 3 completed biology courses
  3. 2 completed biology club activities – A biology seminar/or dinner with the seminar speaker may count as one activity. The other activity must be a Biology Club sponsored event.
  4. 2 service related projects (Projects are not limited to biology, but preferred)

Membership Fee: $60.00

*Note: This membership fee is comprehensive, covering lifetime membership and all graduation honor materials.

St. Olaf Biology Club

Bio-Club is an informal organization that is open to any St. Olaf Student interested in biology. This organization is a great way to meet other students and interact with biology faculty members. Keep an eye out for upcoming events!