About the Project

When conjuring an image of the American frontier, one often thinks of the lone, white cowboy riding into the sunset.

The reality of the West was far more interesting.

This digital exhibit is part of a larger project on music and identity in the American West. Examination of Progressive era mining towns in Montana offers a compelling picture of frontier culture: one that doesn’t echo a white, masculinist ideal, but rather presents diverse cities built by marginalized communities. This picture, while historically accurate, is not the one most often presented in representations of the frontier. My research aims to correct this disparity. Stories that demonstrate the ways marginalized communities built an identity through music can only be found hidden deep within primary sources. It is my hope that this exhibit of primary sources can serve as a resource to scholars and students to begin painting an image of the West as the diverse, musical place it was.

About the Researcher

Siriana is a senior at St. Olaf College where she studies Vocal Performance and Women’s and Gender Studies. A Montana native, she is passionate about using a feminist lens to evaluate the way music participated in identity construction on the Western Frontier. She has presented research on frontier music at the Musical Dialogues Student Research Symposium held at St. Olaf College. She has mapped the life of composer Darius Milhaud and presented on this research at the American Musicological Society Midwest Chapter Fall Meeting. Additionally, she has investigated Parisian salons of La Belle Époque and Les Années Folles and opera buffa of the early 19th century. She hopes to pursue graduate school in musicology with a focus on frontier music and public musicology. While not researching, Siriana sings, and while not singing, she can likely be found watching Star Trek.  

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