Taiko Jedi Council

  • President: Claire Gagnon
  • Logistics Manager: Devin Ames
  • Treasurer: Venus Su
  • PR Chair: Alexander Cavender 
  • Secretary: Nic Hubig

Seniors ’19

  • Claire Gagnon (President)
  • Devin Ames (Logistics Manager)
  • Alex Cavender (PR)
  • Raymond Wieser

Juniors ’20

  • Nic Hubig (Secretary)
  • Wynn Martin
  • Mickey TerLouw

Sophomores ’21

  • Venus Su (Treasurer)
  • Max Sheck

Freshmen ’22

  • Aimi Dickel
  • Jacob Franzmeier
  • Nolan Umland

You could be on this list! Let us know if you have any questions via email or in person—we’re always eager to train new recruits of any class year! If you are interested in joining, please email us at taikojedicouncil (at) stolaf—in most cases, you’ll need to be on campus during interim and able to dedicate a lot of time to catch-up