Music Monday: Menke

I thought it would be a fun way to document my time in Stockholm through music so every Monday (hopefully) I will make a post relating to some type of music or artist!

The first artist I am highlighting was one I got to see perform at an adorable bookshop called Rönnels Antikvariat. It was an extremely intimate experience and I had the opportunity to sit right in the front, less than a foot away from her.

Menke’s set up included an acoustic guitar, piano, banjo, lyre, and several wine glasses. She was accompanied by a bass, electric, and acoustic guitar as well as drums!

About the Artist

Menke is a Swedish singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. She uses somewhat unconventional instruments such as the lyre (a small harp-like instrument) and wine glasses to give a unique and atmospheric sound to her music. Her 2017 debut single “Moln” is a musical interpretation of the poem by the renowned Swedish poet Karin Boye. Many of her other songs are also interpretations of poems or songs that she has written herself.

Her Sound

Her music falls into an abstract atmospheric category that can also be described as “Soundscape.” She manages to create sounds that surround you and take you to another world. The bright melancholy vocals could easily lull you to sleep. If you’re looking for music for your nap playlist or just chilling out and watching the world go by, I would highly recommend you add her music to your playlist immediately!