The Count Down

6 Days, 15 hours, and 46 minutes.

Less than one week until I get on my first plane to Sweden. I can no longer see the floor of my room because I have piles of clothes everywhere trying to decide exactly which things are coming with me and how I am going to fit them all in my bag. I am texting all of my friends or family that have either visited Scandinavia or lived there for a period of time trying to ask them what they wish they would have brought with them or left home (one of the things on this list is peanut butter, it CAN be found in Sweden). I’m attempting to come up with a packing list so I don’t overpack but I know it will be inevitable because “Yes, I really do NEED that or what if (fill in the blank) happens.”

After making a list and checking it twice, all of the fear and excitement set its in. The thoughts tend to be “is this really happening?! and is this REALLY happening??” Knowing that in a few short days I will leave all of my friends and family behind for 4 months live and travel around Sweden and the rest of Europe.  There is the thrill of getting the email about my housing assignment and seeing the faces of the girls I will be living with, trying to find them on all types of social media #sorrynotsorry to figure out what types of people they are.

The fears tend to be: what if I don’t make friends, what if I don’t like my roommates, how am I going to live in another country and afford all of the traveling I want to do, and how many times am I going to get lost on the T-bana because I am terrible at navigation.

These fears and worries are often settled when I think back on how I felt getting ready to go to college freshman year. Many of the fears are the same and others are unique to traveling in general. It helps to think about how far I’ve come already, how I’ve faced those fears and can do it again.

All I can do right now is enjoy my breakfast looking out at the beautiful lake in front of me and savor each and every last bit of summer I can get before I am onto my next adventure!