A typical day at the summer institute will include presentations, discussions, hands-on workshops, and open lab. During the presentations and discussions, staff and faculty will show and discuss examples of using digital collections and technologies in teaching and research from St. Olaf and other institutions. In the hands-on part of the program, participants will be able to choose one or more projects from a menu of options.

  • Day 1: Digital Scholarship, Pedagogy & Research

    • Presentation Topics: Digital scholarship projects, digital collections, open-source materials
    • Hands-on Workshops: Web portfolios, websites, blogs, Moodle, Google apps, iPads
  • Day 2: Multimedia and Online Learning

    • Presentation Topics: MOOCs and online courses, streaming audio & video platforms,
    • Hands-on Workshops: Online lectures or screencasts, multimedia projects, presentations with Prezi and Slideshare, video conferencing, iPads, embedding audio and video clips in Moodle sites and websites
  • Day 3: Digital Maps and Images in Teaching & Research

    • Presentation Topics: Mapping & GIS, visual learning with infographics & images
    • Hands-on Workshops: Google Earth, GIS, web galleries, photo editing & projects, iPads