Leah Namugerwa

Fast Facts:

  • Born: 2004 (16 years old)
  • Nationality: Ugandan
  • Occupation: high school student/climate activist
  • Parents: 
    • Father: Lukwago Cephas
    • Mother: Unknown 
  • Active since: February 2019
  • Beliefs: She believes that Uganda should fully commit to the Paris Agreement, and has been urging officials to do so. Leah believes that our futures are not guaranteed. 


Leah Namugerwa is a young Ugandan climate activist, born in 2004 (16 years old). Inspired by actions of Tim Mugerwa, her uncle and a Ugandan environmentalist, as well as those of Greta Thunberg, a fellow young climate activist, Leah paved the way for the Ugandan climate conversation. In Uganda, rapidly changing weather patterns have led to severe climate disasters—droughts raged across the country and desertification taking over. These changes have led the agricultural sector within Uganda to falter due to the difficulties associated with growing crops in inconsistent environments. In addition, climate-based changes have led to a decrease in the country’s biodiversity.  After hearing about the many mudslides that were occurring across Uganda after severe flooding, Leah was curious as to why these terrible events were happening. Once her father and uncle explained that these disasters were caused by climate change, Leah decided to take action. Following Greta’s initial steps, in February 2019, Leah started to speak up for what she believed in, and became a founder of Fridays for Future Uganda.

Her father and uncle have constantly supported her in her efforts to stand up and save the environment, although this support is not wide spread. Similar to other countries, some Ugandans believe that climate change is not the most pressing issue. Nevertheless, Leah continues to strike, increasingly gaining support from students across the country. She believes that Uganda should fully commit to the Paris Agreement, and has been urging officials to do so. Although Uganda is a part of the agreement, the government has been slow to take action mandated by the agreement. Leah believes that our futures are not guaranteed. We should act now in order to preserve and protect the environment. In efforts to combat climate change, she created a petition to ban the use of plastic bags across Uganda. She also started a program called Birthday Trees, after she planted 200 trees to celebrate her own 15th birthday instead of throwing a party. Overall, she continues to strike to raise awareness about climate change and urges everyone to take action.