‘That’s a Wrap!’

And so the tour comes to a close as the choir’s two flights arrive safely back in the States. Fittingly, the tour ends with a Norwegian news (NRK) story about the Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) production of A St. Olaf Christmas in Norway that just wrapped in Trondheim’s Nidaros cathedral.

Our favorite part of the video? TPT producer Catherine Allan talking about getting the local audience to show up wearing winter coats and Norwegian sweaters … in June.

Select the image below to see the Norwegian news (NRK) story.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 9.59.53 PM

Making the News in Larvik

Norway_NewspaperCheck out this Norwegian news story in Larvik’s Ostlands-Posten (link here and scroll down to the second and third pages).

A few translated excerpts:

  • “‘I have listened to this choir since I was little,’ said Anne Marie Mikkelsen from Larvik. She is sitting in the entryway with her friends Monica Gjersund and Marit Dromnes Seierstad before the evening’s concert. They all sing in the Tunklang Vocal Ensemble, and view this as an excellent opportunity to pick up some tips from a choir of such high quality.”
  • “And when they start to sing Norwegian folk melodies such as Pål På Haugen and Grieg’s Hvad est du dog skjön, it is difficult to not be surprised by their almost perfect Norwegian pronunciation.”
  • “And there was no one … who was not satisfied after yesterday’s concert. After having cut a brilliant figure in Larvik church earlier in the day, they stood hand in hand and swayed carefully back and forth on the stage. And just with the help of their voices, the choir, which was founded by the Larvik man F. Melius Christiansen in 1903, transfixed the audience for almost two hours. Tears were in many people’s eyes, and the goosebumps were constant.”
  • “Fantastic: Never before has this writer heard such beautiful choir music as one witnessed in Bølgen last night when the St. Olaf Choir performed in Larvik 100 years after their first visit here.”