Oslo Arrival

By Michael Kyle ’85

Oles check out the highlights of Oslo.

Oles check out the highlights of Oslo.

The St. Olaf Choir arrived in two waves into Oslo: one through Reykjavik and one through Amsterdam. The rain was falling gently as everyone gathered their luggage and we hopped on our buses for a three-hour city tour.

First stop: Holmenkollen, the famous ski jump in the city that has been re-built and refurbished multiple times and has served as a site for various Olympic competitions. Then it was off to Frogner Park, made famous primarily for the expansive grounds (80 acres) and 212 bronze and granite sculptures designed and constructed over 20-years by Gustav Vigeland.

As we settled into the Rica Holberg Hotel in downtown Oslo, showers were taken, bags were unpacked, and Facebook statuses were updated.

Michael Kyle ’85 is vice president for enrollment and college relations at St. Olaf.