The Intramural Fields

Leslie Moore

The intramural fields located behind the Carleton Rec Center are home to Carleton’s two most famous games—Ultimate Frisbee and Rotblatt. Despite being a small school, Carleton boasts six competitive Frisbee teams. The Division I men’s team, CUT, was formed in 1977 and has the longest unbroken streak of national tournament appearances in college history, including three wins. Syzygy, their female equivalent, is also a national powerhouse. Eclipse, the women’s Division III team, won the national championship in 2011. Despite their goofy Hawaiian shirt uniforms, the “Gods of Plastic” (GoP) are also a force to reckon with; they snagged their latest men’s Division III national championship in 2012.

Countless other Carleton students play Ultimate on a less competitive level. Most years, more than thirty intramural teams sign up to play each other. And it is not unusual for students to have to duck for a flying Frisbee that is being thrown between classes. According to a survey taken several years ago, each Carleton student owns, on average, 2.3 Frisbees.

On the last weekend of spring term, the intramural fields get taken over by an annual school-wide softball game that began in 1964. Named after Chicago White Sox player Marvin J. Rotblatt, known as the worst Major League pitcher in the 1940s, the game begins at sunrise and continues until an inning has been played for every year the college has existed. In 2015, 150 innings will be played, likely lasting well past dusk. Sports Illustrated declared in 1977 that Rotblatt was the “longest intramural event” in the nation. Rain or shine, students enjoy gathering on the intramural fields for a playful Saturday before finals begin.