Dacie Moses House

Leslie Moore

Dacie Moses was loved by generations of Carleton students who greatly appreciated her kindness, wisdom, and patience. She took the time to listen to young people and welcomed them like family. Dacie’s one rule was that there would be no discussion of politics or religion in her house to avoid conflict. In return for her kindness, students would do the cleaning, grocery shopping and maintenance around the house as Dacie got older. When Dacie passed away in 1981 at age 98, it was discovered that she had donated her home to Carleton so that future generations of students could enjoy it. The house is largely unchanged from when Dacie lived there. Her family pictures still adorn the walls, and you can still find her piano in the living room. Current students are welcome to pass through the house whenever they wish, and many nights you can still hear a cappella groups rehearsing Dacie’s favorite songs. Sunday mornings the two student residents in the house are always ready with brunch for any students, alumni, or Northfield residents to enjoy.