Northern Migrations Tour

June 9-20, 2017

Guided by St. Olaf College Professor Emerita Solveig Zempel

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Explore issues of migration from, to, and within northern Norway together with members and friends of the Norwegian-American Historical Association. At the end of the tour, participants may choose to attend the 13th NAHA-Norge Conference, June 21–24, in Stavanger, site of the first emigrant ship to sail from Norway to the United States. 

The Northern Migration Tour will focus on the lesser-known history of emigration from northern Norway to the United States. We will visit the birthplace of Ole Rølvaag, one of the founders of NAHA, as well as many sites that reveal interesting aspects of this migration. Other historical migrations from northern Norway include Viking migrations to what is now northern Russia, to Iceland and beyond.

We will also delve into historical and contemporary migration to northern Norway, including the movement of communities of farmers from eastern Norway to several areas in the north, and the contemporary migration of immigrants and refugees from other parts of the world to northern Norway. Historical and contemporary seasonal migration such as the annual Lofoten fishing migration and the migration of Sami reindeer herders will also be explored. 

Along the way we will observe spectacular natural beauty in a largely unspoiled landscape, experience the never-ending daylight of summer, eat fabulous, locally sourced meals, and learn about the culture and lifestyle of contemporary northern Norway.

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