Director – Amy Boxrud

Welcome to the Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA). We’re pleased you found us and hope you will explore our website and become a supporter of our organization. Awaiting your exploration within our archives and our publications are countless fascinating stories of Norwegian immigration.

The Norwegian-American Historical Association was created in 1925 to locate, collect, preserve and interpret the stories, documents, transitions, photographs and records of the Norwegian immigrants to the United States. Our job is to tell their stories with accuracy, integrity, and liveliness.

In NAHA’s 90 year history, the archive has collected diaries, journals, letters, documents, newspapers, pamphlets, and photographs to become a treasure trove of information for researchers, family historians, and anyone interested in the Norwegian-American past. Our publication program is highly regarded and responsible for more than 100 publications on a wide variety of Norwegian-American topics.

We encourage you to join the nearly 2,000 other dedicated members of NAHA who are found in 48 of the 50 states and abroad. This is important work. Your membership assists us in continuing our ongoing efforts to collect and preserve these documents and to share the larger story through our publications program. There are several levels of membership available. We encourage you to select a level that includes a tax-deductible gift to NAHA in addition to the basic rate membership rate of $55.00.

Members receive each new publication as they appear. Members also receive a 25% discount off the purchase of our previous publications and are favored clients in the use of the archives. Additionally, you will be sent the members’ newsletter, which keeps you informed about the additions to the archives and activities of the Association.

I cordially invite you to join NAHA. We look forward to working with you to preserve the history of the Norwegian immigrant experience.

Amy Boxrud, Director

Editor – Todd Nichol

The goal of the publication program of the Norwegian-American Historical Association is to publish historical scholarship that invites a broad readership. We have been at it for nearly a century and project a program of publication that reaches decades into the future. Our most recent publications cover a wide range of topics. Please visit our publications page for more information about each book.

Our next publication will be the third and final volume of From America to Norway: Norwegian-American Immigrant Letters 1838–1914. Plans and possibilities for the future include a history of small town life and a history of Norwegian-American life in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Members of the Norwegian-American Historical Association receive our publications in the mail as one benefit of membership. If you are interested in joining the Association and receiving our publications on a regular basis, visit our membership page for more information. To purchase an individual title, contact us at (507) 786-3221 or

If you are not already one of our readers or members, we cordially invite you join us in the enjoyment of the Norwegian-American past.

Sincerely yours,
Todd W. Nichol

Archivist – Gary De Krey

The goal of the NAHA archives is to collect, preserve, and make accessible materials produced by Norwegian Americans or related to their history.

Since Norwegian Americans have often taken an active role in their communities, much material has been collected by state and county historical societies. Church bodies and colleges founded by Norwegian Americans have also created large archival collections. The archives of NAHA, however, are the only collection devoted entirely to the story of this immigrant group, and they probably contain the largest and most comprehensive collection of Norwegian American records in the world.

There are over 1700 collections within the NAHA archives. These vary in size from a single item to dozens of filing boxes. They include manuscripts, photographs, clippings, pamphlets, and official documents. Some large collections, like the papers of O. E. Rølvaag have been thoroughly indexed. Special collections include the Rowberg File, a collection of about 200,000 biographical and obituary articles from newspapers and magazines, as well as numerous congregational and family histories. Although the archives does not actively collect official Norwegian records, it does possess emigration records from 1867 to about 1900 from four major Norwegian ports.

Archives are usually thought of as preserving unpublished materials; but the NAHA archives do collect books, periodicals, and newspapers published by or about Norwegian Americans. NAHA also has many publications about Norway and the other Scandinavian countries. Among these is a collection of bygdebøker, histories of local Norwegian communities that often contain material of importance to genealogists. These materials are incorporated into the collection of the St. Olaf College Library.

The archives welcomes scheduled visits from researchers. We also provide some help to those who send queries by mail or e-mail. Please consult the fee schedule found elsewhere on this site. We invite you to visit us and to make use of our holdings.

Gary De Krey
Achivist, Norwegian American Historical Association Archives