2.1 Plan A and B Descriptions

You choose: PLAN A or PLAN B


Plan A: Analytical paper

Basic Requirements:

4000 words [i.e., 8 pages], not including graph or supplementary material


Most projects will likely take on historical and cultural topics (“musicological”), including (but not limited to):

– Representations and negotiations of socio-cultural and socio-political issues (nationalism, exoticism, religion, gender, etc.) in music

– Music and the broader arts (visual art, literature, etc.)


Plan B: Alternate format

Basic Requirements:

– Primary element of project is not academic, analytical writing (see ideas below); in your project proposal be sure to describe fully and clearly your idea for the alternate format

– Approximately 1500–2000 words [i.e., 3–4 pages] of analytical material to accompany project (not including supplementary or graph material); terms adjustable on a case-by-case basis)


Alternative projects could fall into several broad categories (and more):

Performance practice: Comparative multimedia (audio/video) presentation (e.g., comparative recordings of a particular element of performance practice, gesture, technique based on historical sources)

Theory/Composition: Composition or edition project (e.g., writing a cadenza or other musical element based on historical sources; editions comparison or creation)

Education: Lesson plan project (K-12) or educational resource (e.g., designing 7-day lesson plans around a particular work/musical historical idea; historical approaches to musical work as teaching tool)

Other ideas? Talk to me about it.





1) Basic Written Elements: introductory and concluding material; textual analysis of secondary sources (literature review), description of methodology (described more fully in Phase 3)

2) Graphic Analysis: a full musical analysis of structure, form, harmonic and thematic areas in your selected work (to be embedded in final project) (described more fully in Phase 3)


*The MAIN difference between the two plans is whether you want to spend an additional four pages writing (expressing your ideas in academic prose) or expressing your analysis/ideas in another format.