1 Phase One Instructions

1) Select a musical work written 1750-1900 for which:

– multiple score sources can be found online and/or in St. Olaf’s library system (at least one online source)

– a good recording is available (online or in the library)


*For long or multi-movement works, select a portion of the work to study (a single movement, aria, etude, etc.) Selection must be at least four pages of score.

*For texted foreign works, ensure that there is a translation available.


Once you’ve selected a work and ensured the appropriate resources exist, enter your selection in the Google Doc that I’ve shared with you. First come, first serve (so start right away).


Note the basic details at the start of your document (See “Sample Phase One” on WordPress Site, and


Getting started…

1) Places to start for digital sources:

a) Consult Digital Resources in Music Page on Course WordPress Site


2) Places to start for library sources:

a) Consult Library Resources Page on Course WordPress Site


2) Select at least TWO and no more than FIVE sources of differing types:

a) list the sources in bibliographic format

b) provide links to online sources and identify whether the source is also available at St. Olaf

c) provide call number for St. Olaf library sources



Getting started…

1) See Source Types and Key Terminology Page on Course WordPress Site for source types and bibliographic format