Hour of Islam

The Hour of Islam is a radio show on KSTO hosted by Essam Elkorgle and Omar Shehata every Saturday at 8 pm.

We try to raise awareness about Islam and answer the community’s burning questions! You can send us questions anonymously through our form here:

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Don’t worry if you’ve missed a show! All episodes are recorded and posted below!

Episode List

Episode 5: Feminism in Islam


Omar, Madkour, Essam and Mudasser discuss the role of women in Islam and compare and contrast Mudasser’s upbringing as a muslim in a non-muslim country to the others’ conventional religious upbringing.

Episode 4: Is it a sin to let others sin?


Omar, Madkour, Hoda and Essam have an intense debate about separation of government and religion in the context of Islam.

Highlight quote of the episode: “Woah, hold on hold on hold on, are you equating drinking with killing people?!” – Madkour at 37:35.

Episode 3: Marriage and Relationships


Omar, Madkour and Irham talk about Islam’s views on marriage and relationship, among Muslims as well as between Muslims and other faiths. We also talk about the diversity in the Islamic world, non-Arab muslims and biases among different cultures. We mention Islam’s views on sin and forgiveness too.

Episode 2: What is Ramadan?


In this episode, Omar, Essam and Madkour are joined by Hoda to discuss the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, and to talk about sensitive issues such as jihad, slavery, and polygamy.

Episode 1: What it Means to be a Muslim


In this pilot episode, Omar, Essam and Madkour discuss what being a muslim is like while answering some tough user-submitted questions concerning things like Islamic views on homesexuality and gender equality.