Terms and Policies

Community Norms

The MAREN website was established to allow participants to share their observations and ideas with each other more directly in the spirit of collaborative inquiry and teaching.  We ask that users and contributors embrace this spirit in their interactions. Please come with the intention to learn, expect the same from others, and make this a safe and productive resource for collaboration.  Users who violate these norms may be blocked from the site.

Copyright and Permissions

By submitting items you have created to this site, you grant the administrators permissions to use, reproduce, modify, and disseminate materials for educational, research, and promotional purposes. Permission for MAREN to use the materials does not alter ownership rights in accordance with U.S. Copyright Code. You certify that you have the authority to grant these permissions. Neither MAREN nor St. Olaf College will be held responsible if the submitted materials are in violation of any previously issued permissions or copyrights or used in an illegal manner. Submission of data will be subject to the data and authorship policy.

Participation in MAREN and submission of materials is voluntary and you may at any time discontinue involvement; however, you typically may not revoke the authorization provided with respect to any works submitted prior to your withdrawal.


Data and Authorship 

All those who submitted seeds and/or data for the local adaptation study prior to December 2018 will continue to be able to access the data for teaching and informal use. Any participant who plans to move toward publication with data generated from these seeds should invite collaboration from all other participants and identify specific writing/analysis tasks and a timeline that participants can sign up to complete. Those individuals who contribute meaningfully to the analysis or writing should be named as authors on the paper. Other participants should be recognized in the acknowledgements or in an appendix. All those who contribute data for 3 years and who review manuscripts will also be invited to be coauthors. We encourage groups to analyze and present data from their own sites, but we generally discourage publication of site-level data until after we publish the whole transplant experiment.

Educators or others who submit seeds on an ongoing basis, those who participate in the phenology and herbivory data collection efforts, and the general public may request access to the phenology and herbivory data from these projects as they are posted by contacting Emily Mohl (mohl@stolaf.edu). Use of data for educational purposes is encouraged. We request that any person who plans to present or move toward publication with these data contact the MAREN leadership to notify them of their intent and to invite other participants to be coauthors. We request that products created with data are shared via the library. Data should be attributed to the Milkweed Adaptation Research and Education Network.

Privacy and Use of Data 

MAREN collects data on participants and their submissions in order to better understand who is using the resources we develop, to evaluate their quality and effectiveness, to document our impact for funding agencies, grant proposals, and publications, and to guide future development of our materials and goals. Registration and participation in this site is unlikely to pose psychological, legal, academic, social, or psychological risks of harm or discomfort beyond what people are likely to experience in normal everyday activities. If you experience any of these outcomes in association with involvement in this digital community, please contact the site administrator.

Data for research will be used in aggregate and without identifying information. If we choose to highlight examples of work you have submitted to the site in a research context, we will make every effort to contact you to determine your preference for attribution or anonymity. If we cannot reach you, we will default to referencing your work anonymously.

When you register for our site, you acknowledge that you are aware of the data collection and usage practices described above, and you certify that you are participating voluntarily. You give us permission to contact you with inquiries about your participation and to advertise opportunities for future research and evaluation efforts. Users have the choice to make their profiles public or not; we make no claim of confidentiality. We will not distribute your contact information to others.