Picking Plants for the "Monarch Highway"

About This Lesson

This lesson moves the learner from learning about local adaptation to learning about phenology. It was designed to be a transition from the “Got Milkweed?” curriculum to the “Phenology and Herbivory” curriculum. In this lesson, students will use select data from the local adaptation study to motivate students graphing. Students will also process how a plants origin and current location can affect its phenology.


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Graph a trendline based on a series of points
  • Describe the difference between distance and latitude
  • Define phenology and explain why it can help researchers learn about local adaptation



Information for Classroom Use:

Students should know or be familiar with:

Components of a line graph such as the x- and y-axis, units, etc.

Teachers should know or be familiar with:

Definitions of “phenology,” and causes for changes in an ecosystem

Approxiamte duration for the the task is 2 hours or 2 class periods.

The providied worksheet and markers or colored pencils.

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