Local Adaptation of Milkweed – Citizen Science: Monarch and Milkweed Awareness

About This Lesson

This lesson introduces students to their culminating task: a citizen science project bringing awareness of the monarch and common milkweed decline, as well as their research findings, to their community. Students may work alone or in groups. The teacher or the student may choose the type of project best suited to their unique community.

This lesson plan is a component of the EVALUATE stage of the 5E Learning Model or the overall curriculum.



After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Incorporate prior knowledge and authentic data into a deliverable,
  • Present data in a unique “data jam” format.
  • Propose potential solutions to a large ecological issue.
  • Disseminate information to a larger audience.


Information for Classroom Use:

Students should know or be familiar with:

  • The analysis they’ve performed on their data

Teachers should know or be familiar with:

  • Data jams
  • Organizations to partner with for the citizen science component (Native Plant Society, local park, etc.)


This lesson is about 4 class periods (depending on how much in-class time is given for students to work on their projects).


  • Computer with internet and projector capabilities
  • Other materials vary by student project


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