Citizen Science and Ethics

About This Lesson

This lesson introduces students to the prominent ethical dilemmas faced by Citizen Science. It is designed to help students critically evaluate citizen science projects and build an understanding of the challenges it faces in the scientific community. The lesson plan offers students the opportunity to engage in the larger discussion of filing the ethical gap within citizen science projects. 



After this lesson students will be able to:

  1. Discuss some of the ethical dilemmas faced in CS research.
  2. Propose solutions to the ethical gap faced by CS. 
  3. Critically understand  biases, integrity and other ethical concerns in CS research.


Information for Classroom Use:

Students should know or be familiar with: 

  • Ethical challenges in research context. 
  • Citizen science methodology and data collection methods. 

Teachers should know or be familiar with:

  • Ethics in research contexts. 
  • Ethical dilemmas of citizen science and the controversy around its methodology.


Approximate Duration for Task: 1 to 2 Classroom periods (depends on time assigned for discussions). 

Materials Needed

  • Papers and Pencils
  • Projector or large screen for video display.
  • Access to computers and the internet.

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