Phenology Investigation Data Submission

Please Upload Your Data Below!

We’re thrilled that you are interested in contributing to our study! We appreciate your participation in this project, and look forward to examining your data! Teachers may access data if logged in and given permissions (a separate webpage for ease of access is under construction). 

Consider Sharing Pictures and Videos From the Field to Improve Reliability and Remote Teaching Opportunities!

Two of our goals for MAREN are improving citizen science data reliability and expanding our protocol and data accessibility to open up remote teaching opportunities. Both of these goals entail careful documentation of observed sites, copies or scans of handwritten data sheets, and a video bank of pre-gathered field observations for later analysis. We ask that you consider documenting your data collection visually per the instructions in the protocols and upload your results as follows:

• Please upload images of your site(s) within the Site Data Form and Data Sheet pictures/scans with the data you submit.

• Please contribute your photos of Invertebrates on Milkweed to the iNaturalist project to help with identification and to contribute to broader citizen science data collection.

• We invite you to upload pictures and videos of herbivores, pollinators, and plant observations to theField Media page in the Library. These could be helpful for remote analysis.  If you used videos for remote data analysis, please include those specific video links in the data form you submit! There are instructions for three different methods of media sharing on the ‘Field Media’ page!

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