Comparing Reactions

Comparison of Positive and Negative Reactions

This map charts all letters containing positive and negative reactions. In order to respect the privacy of the letter writers, each letter is mapped randomly in the center of the city from which it was sent. In order to respect copyright issues expressed to us by the Tretter Collection, we must limit the amount of content posted; that is to say, we only include a few sentences of each letter rather than being able to post the letters in their entirety. The letters that Baker and McConnell received came from all around the world. Due to our mapping purposes, we chose to only map the letters that came from the United States and Canada.

For further information, read our analysis and interpretation of the maps.

As indicated on the map’s legend, the letters are sorted into the following categories:

  • Congratulations (lime green)
  • Inspiration & Support (purple)
  • Good Luck & Best Wishes (orange)
  • Advice & Networking (yellow)
  • Negative reactions (black)

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