Posted by on Jan 2, 2015

Comment below with any thoughts, questions and ideas for further discussion on chapters six and seven.

Some questions to kick start discussion:

  1. What are the benefits to defining yourself as “going to” a type of church rather than being defined as a certain denomination? For instance, defining yourself as “an Episcopalian” or as Dr. Bass offers “I am going to” an Episcopal church?
  2. Do you agree with Dr. Bass’ assertion that our religious journey is really an ontological quest that begins with the question “Who Am I?” or is our spiritual life a journey, at all?
  3. What do you make of Dr. Bass’ recommendation that we reverse the traditional “believe, behave and belong” paradigm (201) to one of “belonging, behaving and believing.” (204)?
  4. If “behavior opens the door for believing” (207), how can we encourage and inform practices that help people to live their faith, first?