The Accra Mall and Bojo Beach Jan 28

Blog Post Jan 28
Our first morning back in Accra, we woke up at the Pink Hostel to a lovely breakfast of eggs, pancakes, bread, vegetables, pineapple, and watermelon. After spending time relaxing, Kwabena (our bus driver) and Abdulai’s brother Soale showed up to show us around town for our free day. We split up into two groups because some of us wanted to check out the beaches and others wanted to go into the city to explore Accra.

The group that decided to explore downtown Accra were accompanied by Soale Iddrisu. We happily crammed four into the backseat of Soale’s car, as well as an additional taxi. Soale lead us to his house, allowing us to meet his wife and baby girl. He had forgotten to arrange a ride for his kids to get home from Arabic School, so we went to go meet his other kids and arranged a taxi for them to get home. While we were waiting, we got to experience some meat pies and vanilla frozen yogurt, which tasted exactly like birthday cake batter. From there, we went to the Mall of Accra, where we shopped around, found some souvenirs, and even stopped into the grocery store to get a few snacks.

On our way to our next spot, we experienced some lovely sing-along tunes in the car, including a guest feature by Prof. Iddrisu himself! Our next stop was lunch, we had rice balls, peanut butter soup, fried rice, fufu, and fish. Johnny created a nice tutorial of how Ghanaians eat such a meal.

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When we finished lunch we made a quick stop by the Jamestown lighthouse, which was built by the British, but we did not spent too much time there because we planned to return with the rest of the group.

The 7 of us that went to the beach including Fauzia and Kwabena headed out in the bus to go to Bojo Beach, the beach that trip advisor had recommended. It was about a 40 minute drive out of the city. Once we arrived we learned we had to take a boat across a canal to get to the main part of the beach. Fauzia was terrified to get on the boat, but with some handholding (metaphorically and literally) we made it across.

As we stepped off the boat, we looked at the beautiful sight of the ocean, sand, palm trees, and a volleyball court we would soon play on. After finding a place to put our things, we headed towards the water to dip to our feet in and walk along the beach. We got some coconuts and laid in the sand. Soon, we were hungry so we ordered some food. While waiting for our rice, chicken kabobs, spring rolls, and a meat pie, we played some volleyball.

Within seconds of starting, we had many children join the game. After lunch, Kwabena called a horse over for us to ride. Kaya and Gail were able to ride the horse along the beach. After dipping our feet in the water a few more times and soaking in the sun one last time we got back in the boat to get to the bus.

Upon both arrivals of the two groups back at the hotel, a few of us decided we’d like to go attend a church service. Olaf found the Accra Ridge Church, a inter-denominational congregation his wife attended when she was a child! It was a nice service and as we left, a few friendly members found us a ride home, which just so happened to be the Church’s very own van.

Back at the hostel we all had a small dinner while sharing stories of our various excursions. Soon after we were all asleep in bed preparing for our day in Cape Coast.