Last Day in Tamale Jan 25

Blog 1/25/18

The day started like any other, but there was one noticeable difference, it was our last day in Tamale. After a wonderful breakfast provided at the usual space, Miliki Micool, we got a picture with Fussey and started our day.

Our first stop was a brief stop at a funeral where we were introduced to Prof. Iddrisu’s uncle who happens to be the minority leader of the Ghanaian parliament, Lawyer Haruna Iddrisu. We then had Abdulai take us past his houses in town. His first house is being rented out but we had the chance to walk around the compound. It was very spacious and there were mango trees planted all the way around the property. We then went to the other house where Fauzia lives in, it was a smaller house but it was on an equally large lot. It was fun to see the inside of a typical Ghanaian house.

We met the director of Little Flower. Upon arrival at the school, we were greeted by the director of the school, Anna-Maria Fati Paul. She explained many of the aspects that led her to found this school and how it has been running for twenty-five years. The school originally started as a school for girls because at the time of its founding the illiteracy rate for girls in the area was 98%. Anna-Maria had been in the government education department but decided to change that statistic with her own work. She also introduced us to one of her students who just had a book published, a book which we were lucky enough to receive some copies of before the release date.

Another program at the school that was unique and transformational was one that provided full scholarships to students who had become orphans. These students would otherwise have most likely dropped out and lost the opportunity to become educated. The cost of these scholarships are covered by other student’s school fees, currently there are around 40 or so students on this scholarship.

After saying goodbye to Anna-Maria and some of the children we headed to lunch. This was a very special meal that we got, there were fried yams, fried Plantains, a delicious egg sauce, and a specially made Pineapple-Watermelon juice. We all left feeling very full and grateful for all the wonderful meals we had eaten. A group of us then proceeded to the market and spent time looking for the last of the items we would get from Tamale. After returning to the hotel and having some down time to pack and rest we headed to supper. We got a delicious meal as always and said goodbye to all the people we had gotten to see repeatedly over the last month.


There were exchanges of Facebook accounts and lots of pictures, but we left our friends with well wishes for our trip back.