Republique Vlog

Big thanks to Ezra and Doug, our amazing Disco
(audio and video) consultants! 
You helped us make a project we could be proud of 
and were always there to help us when we needed.  
Thank you so much!

Also, thank you to our amazing professor, Rebecca Richards, 
for a wonderful interim!

Photo credit:

Segment 1: 00:00-4:02

Ryan Payton

Ryan Payton with computer

Ryan Payton close-up

Ryan Payton portrait

Halo 4

Metal Gear Solid

Rena Strober

Jennifer Hale

David Hayter

Infinity Blade

Tomb Raider

Beyond: Two Souls

Republique - screenshot of statues

Screenshot of Hope in front of statues

Metacritic review of Republique episode 1

Happy guy with PS4

Sad Desktop

Mireille Prideaux in interrogation room

Republique cover photo

Gone Home

The Room

Unity logo

Let It Die logo

Puzzle and Dragons

GungHo logo

Borderland 2 cover photo

Skylanders Swap force

Skylanders Cloud Patrol

Wulver Blade

Darkwind Media logo

Daniel Zager wanted poster

Cooper communication


Ryan Payton

Mireille Prideaux  

Hope hiding from guard

Hope looking at player through phone

Hope in hallway

Hope hiding in cafeteria

Segment 2: 4:03-12:05

Hope hiding behind statue in headmaster’s office

Hope walking away from guard in library

Hope in the library

Hope in the headmaster’s office

Hope in the library with the cocoon and a guard

Hope by statue in camera mode

Hope by statues in play mode

Guard in Terminus room

Guards and Hope in control room

Hope in hallway looking at the camera

Hope looking at a globe

Hope hiding from guards in control room

Delver’s Drop floppy disk

Gravity Rush floppy disk

Destiny flopy disk  

Kami floppy disk  

Shovel Knight floppy disk

Health bar

Several different Republique pictures

Player’s options screenshot

Different Republique pictures

Hope hiding from guard in hallway

Hope in a sterile sleeping area

Different screenshots from Republique

The Scarlet letter book cover

Fahrenheit 451 book cover  

Midnight’s children book cover

1984 book cover

Sputnik Sweetheart book cover

Screenshots from Republique

Guard in the library

Screenshots from Republique

Hope looking at guard in a kitchen

Screenshots from different parts of the game

Poster about banned books

Screenshot from office area

Screenshot of the book Frankenstein

Screenshot of the book Lolita

Screenshot of the book Animal Farm

Screenshot of the book naked Lunch

Segment 3: 12:05-21:52

1984 book cover

Fahrenheit 451 book cover

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer book cover

The Catcher in the Rye book cover

Derringer and the headmaster in the headmaster’s office

Hope looking at the phone camera in a computer room

Hope being captured by a guard in the library

Hope’s passport

Hope in the water

Republique logo

From caterpillar to butterfly

Republique main key

Republique header



View of Terminus

Screenshot of statues

Derringer and the headmaster interrogating Hope

Republique Manifesto

Republique header

Header of surveillance camera

Republique Episode 2 poster


Republique Episode 3 poster

Dark hallway with light and person at the end

Birds flying out of cage

Hope looking into Surveillance camera

Hope looking at computer screen


Hope’s face

Treglazov with a gun

Statue of Treglazov and children

Treglazov and Derringer in office

Picture of the earth from space

Treglazov’s manifesto

Treglazov’s office

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Article credit:

Wesley Yin-Poole

Matt Maguire

Music Credit:

THE GAMING CORNER - SOUNDTRACKS---”Republique | Soundtrack | HD |”   

Portions used are approximately:  

Section 1:  56:09-1:00:09

Section 2:  1:10:00-1:19:00

Zinc LeMone - Topic--- “Deep Blue”

Used for Section 3, repeated

Almighty Doge---”Republique - Main Menu Theme”

Used for Beginning Credits

WRAITH --- “Republique PS4 - Episode 5”

Used for Ending Credits.  Song used begins at 1:32:24.  We attempted to find the artist/song credit; however, it was not listed in the game credits and we could not find the answer online.