St. Olaf College’s description of the Gender Studies department:

Women’s and Gender Studies students explore scholarship about women and gender across cultures and throughout history to examine intersections of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, nationality, ability, religion, and age. The program fosters critical thinking skills that encourage students to become active and ethical participants in career, family, social life, and community. Majors and concentrators take a range of courses across the curriculum, as well as in the Women’s and Gender Studies program.

Here are some resources for thinking about gender and ethics:

SWIP, the Society for Women in Philosophy homepage

Women’s Bioethics Blog: “…news and commentary on the implications of bioethical issues for women around the world”

For an excellent overview of feminist ethics, see Rosemary Tong’s entry on “Feminist Ethics” in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Also from the Stanford Encyclopedia, the entry on Feminist Perspectives on Sex and Gender is well worth reading.

A number of journals have are devoted to feminist issues. Among those that regularly have articles on feminism and ethics are Hypatia, which is of particular relevance to philosophy, and Signs, which is an interdisciplinary journal of feminist studies.

Here is a link to Christian Feminism Today, news, articles, book reviews, blogs, Bible study, audio, links to explore, and inspiration from the Evangelical & Ecumenical Women’s Caucus, a Christian feminist organization with a long history of working for gender equality.

 Here is a link to Christian Feminist Network, a UK based group of people interested in exploring and connecting faith and feminism. An excerpt from the website:

“As Christian feminists we believe the Christian message teaches gender equality and that gender-based discrimination and oppression should be challenged wherever they are found. We exist to advance the understanding that Christian feminism is not an oxymoron but that Christian patriarchy and misogyny is.”