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Reservation Basics:

Sign In to your Google / @stolaf account (Then refresh this page) to view the calendars correctly below. Audio Room can be booked directly on any available appointment slots. We do our best to accommodate same-day appointments on a walk-in, first come, first-served basis. These can sometimes be limited by our staff availability. For special requests, or for any video room reservation, please book at least 24 hours in advance by emailing disco@stolaf.edu.

If no options are available, please consider checking the World Language Center in Tomson Hall. The have an Audio and Video Recording studio as well as other equipment and resources.

RML 494 AV-1, The Video Room

To Reserve: email disco@stolaf.edu at least 24 hours in advance. Please describe what you need in the room, if different than our default setup. This small room is configurable for the recording of presentation or lecture content, interviews, or other projects that utilize video. Consult with the DiSCO staff or email disco@stolaf.edu to see how this room can meet your needs.
Features: Direct to computer recording, Camtasia screencast software, teleprompter.
Possibilities: Interviews, introduction videos, flipped-classroom presentations

RML 495, AV-2 "The Audio Room."

To Reserve: View potential availability on the right. Click here to self-schedule (you’ll select from any open appointment slots to “self book” the room.) Same day appointments can be made in on a walk-in, first come first serve basis or by emailing disco@stolaf.edu.
Features: The Audio room has an imac with dual boot and supports the recording of presentations, interviews, podcasts and screen-captures. Specialized software includes: Audacity, Camtasia, Adobe Audition, and Logic Pro.
Possibilities: Interviews, podcasts, voice-over;

RML 492 Classroom

The Teaching Classroom is available for reservation by IT and Library staff to support teaching and learning across all academic divisions and curricula. Faculty interested in using this room for a session, course, or event, should contact disco@stolaf.edu with their needs or work directly with their instructional technology or reference librarian liaison. Students may use this room whenever the library is open and it is not scheduled for an event or class.