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Creating a Portfolio With The Divi Builder

This tutorial will take you through the steps to create a portfolio project for your WordPress website. Before you begin make sure you have Divi installed on your WordPress site. You will also need to upload atleast three images into the Media folder on WordPress. This will make it easier for you when prompted to set a featured image in your project folder. After completing the tutorial, feel free to use this guide as you continue to build your website.


1. To begin open your dashboard, select Project on the left sidebar menu and then add a new project.

2. Give the project a name and write a description. Scroll down to featured image and select “set featured image”.

3. Select an image from your media file and set as featured image. When image has been set, publish the project. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add more than one project. You will need to do so in order to fill up your portfolio. 


4. Select pages in left side menu bar, add new page and name it portfolio. 

5. Select “Use the Divi Builder”, then select “insert column” or cancel “text”. Once inside column, select your desired column outline.

6. Then select insert module and choose “portfolio”.

7. Click “design” and select grid for layout. Save then publish.

Now you can go back to the Pages tab and open your portfolio. It should look something like this.