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3D Modeling Production Guide

Before getting started, check for “Netfabb Basic” in your Applications folder. If it’s not there, download it for “Mac OS X” and install on your desktop.

In Blender or alternative 3D modeling program:

  1. Check faces/vertices. Make sure nothing looks funky.
  2. Make sure all mesh objects are “joined” to be one object
    • Select all objects > Ctrl J
  3. Recalculate Normals
    • Edit Mode > Select all (A) > “Ctrl N” (corrects any flipped faces)
  4. File > Export > Stl (.stl)

In Netfabb: (Do not register. Wait for countdown and then choose “Later”)

  1. On top Menu bar: Settings > Settings
    • Set “Unit of length” to “in” (inches)
  2. Project > Open > Choose .stl file
  3. Scale object to 5in at its longest dimension
  4. Select object (by clicking on it)
  5. Hit the Red Cross (red plus sign) button
  6. Click “Automatic Repair” button at bottom of screen
    • Choose Default Repair and click Execute
  7. Click “Apply Repair” button at bottom of screen
    • Choose “Remove Old Part”
  8. Right click object > Export Part > as .STL
  9. Choose format: “STL” and Rename “lastname_descriptivetitle.stl” (i.e. nelson_airplane.stl)

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